Hnahlan-ah Sial 88 chuang vulh

DAO & DPM Focus Champhai leh DVO Champhai te chuan Hnahlan khuaa sial vulhtute tlawhin Focus hnuaia tanpuina sem hmanga hmalakna te an enfiah.
Nimin khan Pu George Lalthanngura, DAO & DPM FOCUS Champhai leh Dr. B.Zonghinga DVO Champhaite chuan Hnahlan khuaa Sial vulhtu Mithun Rearing Society-te hmalakna an tlawha, Fostering Climate Resilient Upland Farming System in the Northeast (FOCUS) project first installment kaltlanga A.H & Vety. Department, Champhai District, FOCUS Project hnuaia Se insak, a vengtute chawlhbuk sak, tuipekna leh enkawl an ngaih changa thlunna tur siamte, Se huang enkawlna tura hmalaknate enfiahin hman theih turin an hawng a ni.
He hunah hian DAO leh DVO te bakah Champhai District FOCUS Project hnuaia thawktute pawh an tela, ‘Mithun Shelter-Community Level and Water Supply Facility for Grazing Area’ hnuaia hmalakna hrang hrangte a hmunah kalchilhin an enfiah a ni.
A.H & Vety Department chhinchhiah danin Hnahlan khuaah hian Sial vulh chhungkaw 14 awmin, Sial 88 chuang an vulh mek a ni.

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