Nimin khan HPO/CDF Hualngoram, Chin State, Myanmar chuan ruihhlo chungchangah khapna thupek an chhuah.
Thupeka an tarlan dan chuan, tunlai hian ruihhlo chi hrang hrang hmanga sumdawnna a hluar hle ni a hriat a ni a. Keini Chinland Defence Force – Hualngoram chuan kan Operation Area (Hualngoram) paltlang a, heng sumdawnna kalpui hi kan khap tlat a ni tih kan in hriattir a. He thuchhuah zawm lova tilui in awma man in nih chuan in chungah na taka action lak zel a ni ang. He thuchhuah hian Hualngoram mipui chauh ni lovin, Hualngoram paltlanga sumdawng zawng zawng te a huam vek a ni, tiin an tarlang.

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