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Nimin atangin Champhaiah Covid 19 hridanna kum 18-44 inkar mi nawlpuiah pek chhuak tan a ni.
Sawrkarin kum 18-44 inkar hridanna pek hmasak tura a tih te hnenah pek zawh thawkhat a nih tawh avangin nimin atang khan Champhaiah kum 18-44 inkar mi nawlpui hnenah hridanna pek chhuah tan a ni a. Nimin khan mi 400 te pek theih beisei a ni a, vawiin hian chhunzawm leh tur niin, hridanna la turte chu online hmanga lo inziah luhsa a tur a ni a. Hridanna hi Champhai Kahrawt Community Hall leh Govt. Bethel Middle School -ah te pek leh a ni ang.

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