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Inrinni khan Champhai District-ah Covid-19 hri kai 44 hmuh chhuah a ni a, nimin khan hri kai hi 12 hmuh belh leh a ni bawk.
Inrinni khan TrueNat hmangin Venglai-ah 7 leh Kanan vengah 8, a vaiin hri kai 15 hmuhchhuah a ni a. Rapid Antigen Test hmangin hri kai 29 hmuhchhuah a ni bawk a. Hri kai hi Zotlangah 9, Vengthlangah 7, Vengsang ah 5, Ruantlangah 4 bakah Electric veng, Kelkang, Jail veng leh Mualkawi ah pakhat theuh hmuh chhuah a ni.
Nimin kha Pisa chawlh a nih avangin TrueNat hmanga endik a awm lo a, Rapid Atigen Test hmangin hri kai 12 hmuhchhuah a ni a. Ruantlangah 5, Vengthlangah 4; Vengsang, Khawbung leh Vankal ah hri kai pakhat theuh hmuh chhuah a ni bawk.

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