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Hri kai 22 hmuh belh Champhai District chhungah hri kai mi 22 hmuh chhuah belh leh a ni.
Nimin khan Rapid Antigen Test hmangin Kahrawtah hri kai mi 8 hmuh chhuah a ni a. New Champhaiah mi 5, Electric Vengah 3 leh Vengsangah 2 hmuh chhuah a ni a. Tlangsam, Zotlang, Venglai leh Khawbungah te pakhat theuh hmuh chhuah a ni bawk. Heti hian Champhai District chhunga hri kai hmuh chhuah chu 4,348 an tling tawh a, mi 3620 enkawl dam tawh niin enkawl mek hi 724 an la awm.

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