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Naktuka Independence Day lawmna atan inbuatsaihna chu Champhai-ah kalpui mek a ni a, nimin khan Parade contingent te chuan Chhangphut Field-ah final rehearsal an nei.
Champhai-a Independence Day lawmnaah hian Parade Contingent Armed, Un-Armed leh School Contingent 20 te an inlan thei dawn a, Un-Armed Contigent ah MRP Champhai, NCC Gov’t Champhai College SD, NCC Gov’t Champhai College SW, NCC Govt. GM H/S Boys leh Gov’t GM H/S Girls te an tel dawn a, School Contingent atangin Gov’t GM HSS,  Champhai,  Champhai Higher Secondary School,Einstein HSS, Champhai, Gov’t GM HS Champha, Gov’t Champhai H/S, Gov’t R. Hranga HS, Venglai
Higher Secondary School, Bethel Mission School, Vengsang HS, King Solomons School, Bethel HS, BC English Academy leh Holy Cross HS te an tel ang a.
Anni bakah hian Armed Contingent 1 leh SSA Pipe Band te an tel dawn a ni. Independence Day lawmna hunah hian Champhai South  Bialtu, Minister TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan khuallian niin a hmanpui ang a. Naktuk zing dar 9:45 ah Champhai SP in Chhanigphut Field a thlen hnu Dar 10 ah Khuallian, Minister TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan Chhangphut Field a thleng ang a. Hnam puanzar pawt pharh nghal in Parade Contingent hrang hrang te’n hnam puanzar chibai an buk ang a, Minister hian chibai buk chhanglet nghal in thu a sawi chhunzawm ang a, khuallian in thu a sawi
zawhah lawmman semin a zui dawn a ni.
Chhun dar 12 ah Jeriko Garden, Keifangtlangah
VIP’s at Home neih zui a ni ang a, chawhnu dar 1:30 ah Independence Day Football  Tournament Final khelh nghal tur niin, Minister hian khuallian niin a hmanpui nghal dawn a ni. Minister TJ Lalnuntluanga hian tukin hian Aizawl atangin Champhai pan ang a, Tuipui leh Chhungte-ah a chawl ang.  Minister hian naktuka Independence Day lawmna hun a hman zawh hnuah a bial  chhung khaw hrang hrang a fang zui leh ang a, Karleh Ningani zingah Aizawl panin
a chhuk thla leh ang.

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