Sports Association hrang hrangte chuan Independence Day Tournament nei turin inbuatsaihna an kalpui mek. Champhai District Football Association-te chuan Independence Day Football Tournament-ah chuan CDFA hnuaia Ist Division Club leh Zone FA Champion te bakah Aizawl District Football Association Ist Division Club pahnih Dinthar FC leh 1st MAP Academy te an inlan dawn a, August ni 5 atangin Chhangphut Field-ah an tan ang.
Champhai District Badminton Association chuan 1-Day Badminton Tournament hi August ni 6 atangin Champhai Town Hall-ah an tan ang a. Under-11 Boys, Under 13- Girls, Under 13-Boys Single, Under-15 Boys  Single, Under-17 Boys Single, Women Single, Women Doubles, Men Single, Mens Doubles, 35+ Mens Single 35+ Mens Doubles, 45+ Mens Doubles leh 50+ Mens Doubles hmangte in inelna an buatsaih dawn a.
Champhai Khawpui chhung bakah Biate, Khawhai leh Khawzawl atangin Badminton khelthiam rualte an fuankhawm dawn a ni.. Champhai District Volleyball Association pawhin l-Day Tournament an buatsaih dawn a. CDVA hnuaia affiliated Club-te an buatsaih dawn a, August ni 3 thlengin registration tih hun hawngin affiliated club tan lo chuan a tel theih dawn loh a, August ni 7 atangin

Tournament hi tan a ni ang.

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