Inkaihhruaina dan thar

Inkaihhruaina dan thar

Champhai District bik inkhuahlhirhna dan siam thatah ”  “Dawr hawn phal a ni a; amaherawhchu dawr nghaktu ten an mahni dawr tute inhnaih taka an awm lohna turin indaidanna (rin bial/hrui thlun etc.) an siam ngei ngei tur a ni”  tih chu a hnuaia mi ang hian thlak a ni.
“April ni 28, 2021 (Nilaini) atang chuan nitin mamawh eichawp dawr (essential commodities) dawr chauh hawn phal a ni a, dawr dang zawng zawng chu khar tur a ni. Dawr nghaktute leh an mahni dawrtu zawng zawng ten hmai an tuam ngei ngei tur a ni.”

-CCN News

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