Champhai Thalai Pawl ten Jio Office khar sak

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Champhai a Telecom Company pakhat Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. chu an service a chhiat avangin ni 1.12.2020 (Thawhlehni) khan Champhai แนฌhalai Pawl chuan an Office an kalhsak.
Champhai Thalai Pawl te chuan Jio Service a chhiat avanga mipui  sum alo thawna a luan ral hnem tawh em avangin  ni 4.11.2020 (Nilaini) khan Jio hotute hnenah ziakin November thla chhunga in sawifiah turin an ngen a. Mahse Jio lam hotute hian chhan tlakah an ngailo nge vawiin ni thlengin engmah chhanna anla hmuh loh avangin Champhai Thalai Pawl te chuan Champhai mipuite ngaihnepna leh zah lohnaah ngaiin hetiang hian hma ala ta a ni.
Champhai Thalai Pawl chuan Service Provider dang chungah pawh hetiang hi thleng tawhlo turin an ngen nghal bawk.

Jio Office

Champhai Thalai Pawl ten Jio Office khar sak

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