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Champhai Vengsang Branch YMA chuan kum 75 an tlin pualin Platinum Jubilee lungphun hawnna hun an hmang.
Platinum Jubilee lungphun hawnna hun hi F.Lalthanmawia, Branch President chuan a kaihhruai a. C. Lalawmpuia, Vengsang, SYMA Champhai President hmasa ber chuan kum 75 kalta chhunga YMA in tanpui ngaite a tanpui tawhna zawng zawngte chu duhtawk mai lo va, hun lo awm zel turah tanpui ngaite thlahthlam lo turin a fuih a, YMA hlutna hi thangtharteah tuh zel a tul tih sawiin, mi chanhai zawkten YMA hi rinchhanah an hman zel theihna tura hmalam pana ke pen zel turin a chahin Platinum Jubilee lungphun hi
a hawng a ni. October ni 8 khan Jubilee pual hian thisen pek runpui an lo buatsaih tawh a, Souvenir buatsaih mek a ni a. Vengsang YMA
Branch-ah hian member 1196 an awm mek.

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