Kan fai zel dawn

Mizoram puma District Hospital fai intihsiakna “Kayakalp 2019-2020” a lawmman pahnihna an dawn avangin Champhai District Hospital chuan lawmthu an sawi.
Champhai District Hospital in District hrang hranga Hospital fai intihsiaknaa lawmman pahnihna a dawn theih chhan chu mi pahnih/khat
lek thawh that vang ni lovin, District Hospital a thawktute thahnemngaihna vang a nih thu leh hemi atan hian tlawmngai pawl hrang hrangte pawhin Hospital Compound tifaia hnatlang an neih thin thu Dr.
Zatlunga, DMS chuan a sawi a. Ditrict Hospital chhung leh a chheh vel tihfai kawnga tha thawhtute zawng zawng chungah DMS chuan lawmthu sawiin, hun lo kal zel turah pawh Hospital vawn fai kawngah mipui te thawhpui-ah a sawm zui nghal a ni.

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