Kangmei veng tha endik tur ruat

Nimin khan District Level Fire Prevention Committee in Champhai district chhunga
kangmei veng tha dawng thei turte endik tura a ruatte chu an thukhawm.
Kangmei veng tha lawmman dawng thei turte
endik tura a ruatte hi DRDA Conference Hall-ah an thu khawm a. State level Committee-in District tin atanga lawmman dawng tur khaw 3 thlan chhuah tur a tih angin nimin khan khaw 3 lawmman dawng turte thlan fel an ni a.
Vawiinah District Level Committee in a sem dan tur leh a sem hun turte an ruat dawn a ni.
Kangmei veng tha khua thlang chhuak tur hian District Level Committee chuan
Lalduhthlana DFO, Esther Leihang DLAO, R
Lalnghakliana PD, DRDA, Lalchhandama SO, Fire & Emergency Services leh F.Lalrinmuana SYMA President-te a ruat a ni.

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