Khaw 3 VC thlan that leh that loh hriat dawn

Kumin August ni 27, 2020-a Village Council inthlanpui neih zawh taka Village Council 3 – Khuangthing, Vaikhawtlang leh Zokhawthar atanga complaint dawn chu vawiin chawhma dar 10:00 hian Champhai DC Conference Hall-ah hearing neih a ni dawn.
State Election Commission, Mizoram Aizawl chuan hemi chungchang chhui chiang tur leh ngaihtuah tur hian Election Tribunal a din a. Election Tribunal hian heng khaw 3-a VC inthlan result-a complaint
lut chungchang ngaihtuah a, thu inzawhfiah (hearing) nei turin vawiin hian Returning Officer, Presiding Officer, Counting Supervisor leh
Counting Assistant, Candidate, Complaint thehluttu te, Candidate counting agent te chu kal turin a ko a. Chawhma dar 10:00 leh 11:30 inkarah Khuangthing; Dar 11:30 – 1:00pm chhungin Vaikhawtlang leh
Dar 2:00 atangin Zokhawthar chungchang hearing hi neih a ni ang.
Tribunal Member te hi : James Lalrinchhana, Chairman (Director School Education); Henry C.Lalrawnkima, Member, State Protocol Officer leh Lalnunfela Chawngthu, Member Secretary/ Concerned EO, EO Champhai te an ni.


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