Khawbungah Republic Day hman dan tur rel

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General Administration Department in Republic Day 2021 lawmna atana inkaihhruaina a siam zul zuiin Khawbung Block Level Celebration Committee chu nimin khan BDO Office Chamber-ah an thukhawm.
State Capital ah hotu lian ruat bikten hun an hmang ang a, District Level-ah District hotu lu ten, Sub-Division leh Block Level-ah sawrkar pisa awm ang ang hotu lu berten hmang tura ruahman a ni a. Zirlai naupang tel lo tura tih a ni bawk. Hetianga ruahmanna ang hian Khawbungah pawh January ni 26, 2021 khian Republic Day chu BDO office tuala hmang turin ruahmanna siam a ni.

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