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Nimin khan Khawmawiah Covid-19 hri kai mi 13 hmuhchhuah a ni.
Khawmawi Thalai Pawl hruaitute sawi danin, nimin khan Hualngo Land Develop Organization (HLDO) leh Khawmawi bakah Rih khawtlang huaihawtin Rih leh Khawmawi-ah hri kai an awm em tih hriatna turin Sample enfiah runpui neih a ni a, sample 80 an enfiah atangin mi 13 hri kai hmuhchhuah an ni. Hri kai hmuhchhuah zinga natna langchhuak te chu Rih-ah enkawlna tur hmun bik siamin dah luh an ni a, natna langchhuak lote chu In lamah inenkawl turin khung hran an ni tih Khawmawi Thalai hruaitute chuan an sawi a; vawiinah test hi chhunzawm leh a ni ang.
Hri kai enfiahna tura senso te hi HLDO in an tum sak a, hri kai enkawlna tur pawh a tul angin an tumsak dawn tih HLDO hruaitute
chuan an sawi bawk.

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