Khunghran leh Dan bawhchhia

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Khunghran zat
Champhai District chhungah mi 85 khung hran mek an ni.
Champhai District-a sawrkar inkhunghranna hmun atangin nimin khan mipa 2 an chhuak a, mipa 4 an lut thar thung a; in lama inkhung hrang mipa 24 an awm thar bawk. Heti hian Champhai-a sawrkar
inkhunghranna hmunah mi 33 khung hran mek an ni a, in lama inkhung hrang mi 50 an awm bawk.

Dan bawhchhia man
Champhaia Flying Squad Team te chuan nimin khan dan bawhchhia mi 2 an man a. Heti hian Champhai
district-ah hri laka fimkhurna kalpui meka dan bawhchhia an man hi mi 679 tling tawhin, an pawisa chawi
hi Cheng 85,100 a tling tawh a ni.

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