Champhai Kahrawt Pastor Bial KTP te chuan Inrinni khan damlo mamah tan thisen an pe.
Mizoram Presbyterian Kohhran hnuaia Champhai Kahrawt Pastor bial KTP Conference in a lo rel tawh angin, Inrinni khan an bial chhunga KTP member te chuan District Hospital Blood Bank a dah turin thisen an pe a. Member thahnem tak kalkhawm te atangin thisen Unit 36 an pe a, mipa 29 leh hmeichhia 7 te’n thisen hi an pe a ni. Champhai Kahrawt Pastor Bial ah hian Kohhran 5 – Kahrawt, Keifangtlang, Hmunhmeltha, N. Khawbung leh Hunthar Kohhran te an awm a, KTP member 1117 an awm mek a ni.

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