Kum dang tluk theilo

Tlangram Lo neitute chuan hnuhpui thlo zo tawhin hnuhhram an thlo mek a, ruahtui  duhthusam an dawn loh avangin buh leh thlai pawh a than tur angin an thang tha lo. Kumina ruahtui tlak mumal loh avangin khawchhak tlang dunga tlangram Lo neitute chuan buh leh thlai than a tha lo hle tih an sawi a. Thlai rah chi pawhin rah an la chhuah mumal lo a, buh bi awl a awm nual bawk a ni.
Hetih lai hian khawchhak tlang dung aiin Mizoram khawtlang lam chuan to hawng a dawng tam zawk a, nikir ruah erawh chhim chhak atanga lo kal a nih avangin  Mizoram khawchhak tlangdungin an dawng tam ve thung a. Tuihna erawh a la inthlung mumal lo hle a. Khawbunga leilet neitute
chuan tuihna an neih mumal loh avangin leilet tam tak chu hmun 3 a then a hmun 1 ang vel chauh leh theih a ni hrih niin an sawi.

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