Member pung ve zel :
April thla khan Champhai District Library chu mi 212 te’n an tlawh. April thla chhung khan District Library ah member inziaklut thar mi 7 an awm a, puitling 6 leh naupang 1 te an ni a. Heti hian tun dinhmunah District Library-ah member 1973 awm mek in, puitling 1729 leh naupang 244 an ni a; thla hmasa chhung khan District tlawhtu 212 awmin lehkhabu thleng thar erawh a awm lo thung.

Tender chhan theih :
Covid Care Centre, Champhaia damlo enkawlte ei tur supply tur tender koh a ni a, vawiin atanga karleh Thawhtanni thleng CMO Office, Champhai-ah office hun chhungin zawhfiah leh tender form lakchhuah theih a ni e.

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