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District Library chu tlawh theihin hawn leh mek a ni.
Champhai District Library hi hri leng vangin hun rei tak chhung tlawh theih loh a ni a, lehkhabu thleng thar pawh a awm thei rih lo va, member thar tur pawh inziah luh theih a ni lo a. September thla atang khan mipui tlawh theihin hawn tan a ni a, tun thla atang chuan a pangngaiin hawn a ni leh tawh dawn a ni.
September thla khan District Library hian tlawhtu 24 a nei a, member thar 2 an awm a, tun dinhmunah member 1980 an awm mek a. Member hi puitling 1736 leh naupang 244 an ni. September thla chhung khan lehkhabu thleng thar a awm lo va, tunah hian lehkhabu 30,553 a awm mek a. Tualchhung chanchinbu 5 leh Magazine 6 a awm mek.

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