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November thla chhung khan Champhai District Transport Office ah lirthei 262 ziahluh thar a ni.
November thla chhunga lirthei ziahluh zingah hian 2 wheeler tam berin 129 ziahluh a ni a, bungraw phur chi in dawtin 85 ziahluh a ni a, Car 25 leh Excavator 21 ziahluh niin Taxi 2 ziahluh a ni bawk.
Hriat theih chinah lirthei ziahluh hnuhnungber hi MZ 04 A 6619 a ni.
November thla chhung vek khan mihring phur chi lirthei atangin chhiah Rs. 1,08,500 hmuh a ni a, bungraw phur chi atangin Rs. 4,77,200 hmuh niin Road Tax atangin Rs.
9,88,034 hmuh a ni a, MV Fee atangin Rs. 9,57,950 hmuh a ni a, Compounding Fee atangin Rs. 79,000 hmuh a ni a, Parking Fee atangin Rs. 47,850 hmuh a ni bawk a. November thla chhunga District Transport Office a chhiah hrang hrang tlingkhawm hi Rs. 26,58,534 a ni.

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