Lirthei chungchanga Champhai Police thuchhuak

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Lir thei khalhtute leh Traffic Police-te indawr danah thu dik tawk lo theh darh a nih avangin, Pu C. Lalengliana, PRO&Addl. SP, Champhai dist. chuan mipuite hriat tur pawimawh hriattirna a chhuah.
Thu chhuaha tar lan a nih danin – Lir thei khaltu leh Traffice Police indawr dana thu dik tawk lo theh darh thenkhatah chuan : “Traffic Police-in lir thei khaltu driving licence a dilin, a kutah pek kher a ngai lo,” tih te hmuh a ni a. Hei hi thu dik tawk lo leh belh chian dawl lo niin, MV Act, Sec. 130(1) leh Sec 38 0f Motor Vehicles Driving Regulations, 2017-in a sawi angin – Police officer uniform ha tawh phawt chuan lir thei khalhtu driving license en fiah turin a dil thei a, lir thei khalhtu chuan a en fiahtir ngei tur a ni bawk. Driving license chu eng emaw avanga police-in an kawlsak mek emaw, thu neitute hnena theh luh mek emaw a nih erawh chuan, lir thei khalhtu hnenah police chuan driving license a kawlsakna receipt a hmuhtir tur a ni a. A license chu a dawn leh hunah a en fiahtir leh tur a ni bawk.
MV Act, Sec. 130(3)-ah erawh chuan document dang pawimawhte chu lir thei registration thu neitute emaw Motor Vehicle dept.-a thawktu, sawrkarin thu neihna a pek emaw-te’n en fiah tura an dilin, lir thei khalhtuin a lo kawl remchang lo a nih chuan, ni 15 chhungin a diltu hnenah en fiah turin a pe thei thung a ni.
MV Act, Sec. 130(1) leh MV Act., Sec 130(3)-te hi thil hrang sawina a nih avangin, hriat pawlh loh tur a ni.

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