Lirthei pung chho zel

November thla khan Champhai District Transport Office ah lirthei 99 ziahluh thar a ni.
November thla chhunga lirthei ziahluh thar zingah hian 2 wheeler tam berin 51 ziahluh a ni a, bungraw phur lirthei in dawt in 21 ziahluh a ni. Taxi 15 ziah luh niin car 10 ziahluh a ni a, Ambulance leh Excavator (JCB) pakhat ve ve ziahluh a ni bawk.
November thla chhung vek khan lirthei chi hrang hrang atangin chhiah Cheng 18,07,678 a lut a, mihring phur chi lirthei atangin Cheng 50,350 a lut a. Bungraw phur chi lirthei atangin Cheng 2,40,700 lutin, Road Tax atangin Cheng 6,74,545 a lut a, MV Fee atangin cheng 7,87,282 lutin Compounding Fee atangin Cheng 4000 a lut a, Parking Fee atangin Cheng 50,801 a lut bawk.

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