New Hruaikawn leh Zokhawthar inkar kawng
laih mekah New Hruaikawn Welfare Committee chuan kawng laih hna a sawt zawk theihna turin lirthei tlan dan tur an ruahman.
New Hruaikawn leh Zokhawhar inkar kawng
laih mekah 810 Motor chung lam kal lo tura
hriattirna an chuah tawh chu New Hruaikawn Welfare Committee chuan nimin atang khan motor eng chi pawh kaltlang tir tawh ni se tiin, motor eng chi tan pawh tlan theih a ni a. Champhai lam atanga chhuk thla tur te zing dar 8.00 thleng kawng hawn a ni ang a, Zokhawthar  atanga chho turte tan Zing dar 8:30 atanga 11:00am thleng hawn a ni bawk ang. A vawi hnihna Champhai lam atangin dar 11:30 am atangin an chhuk leh ang a.  Zokhawthar lam atangin chhun dar 12:30 atangin chho leh ang a. A thawh thumna 2:30pm atangin Champhai lam atangin an chhuk leh ang a, 3:30pm atangin Zokhawthar atangin a chho leh ang a. Tlai Dar 5:00pm atangin Champhai lam atanga chhuah thlak leh tur a ni ang. 

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