Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) hnuaia District Jail Inspection Team te chuan nimin khan Champhai District Jail tlawhin naupang kumtlinglo tang an awm leh awm loh an enfiah.
Thla thum dana an enfiah thin angin Jail Inspection Team te hi Pi Josangzeli Tlau, Principal Magistrate, Juvenile Justice Board hovin Champhai District Jail an tlawh a. Champhai District Jail a tang mekte harsatna an neih te an ngaihthlak sak a, tun dinhmunah Champhai District Jail-ah hian mipa 108 leh hmeichhia 8 an tang mek a, tang zingah hian naupang an awm lova, District Jail hi thawktu mi 34 ten an vil mek a.
Covid-19 hrileng avanga tang te tlawh phal loh chu intlawh hun hi thla khatah vawi khat hawn leh tawh a ni.

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