Nimin khan Champhaiah hri kai mi 1 hmuhchhuah a ni a, hri kai enkawl dam mi 2 an chhuak thung.
Nimina hri kai hmuhchhuah hi Heroin kaihhnawiha Champhai Police-in an man, Covid Care Centre-ah Sample endik a ni a. Mipa kum 40 mi Khawmawi, Myanmar khua leh tui a ni a, taksaa natna lang chhuak lo a ni. Hri kai kaihhnawihah hian Champhai Police mi 4 te khung hran nghal an ni bawk.
Hetihlai hian nimin vek khan Champhai district-ah hri kai enkawl dam mi 2 an chhuak
a. Heti hian Champhai District chhunga hri kai hmuhchhuah 206 zinga mi 196 te chu enkawl dam an ni tawh a, enkawl dam zat hi za zela chhutin 95.14 a ni a. Hnahthial District tih lohah chuan Champhai District hi hri kai enkawl dam zatah a sang ber a ni. Hri kai enkawl mek mi 8 an la awm a. Covid 19 vanga nunna chan 1 a awm tawh bawk.

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