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Niminpiah khan Assam Rifles leh Customs Preventive Force, Champhai chuan Chhungte ram huam chhungah Myanmar sikret case 23, dan loa lak luh leh phurh an man a. Heng sikret-te hi Cheng Nuai 29 man vel ni-a chhut a ni.
Assam Rifle leh Customs Preventive Force, Champhai tangkawp chuan tun hnaiah Myanmar atanga dan loa lakluh sikret leh thil dang eng emaw zat an man tawh a. Heng an thil mante hi Customs Preventive Force, Champhai-te chuan kawl tha-in, tunah hian dan loa lak luh an man sa Cheng Nuai 11.7 man vel an kawl tha mek niin thu dawn a ni bawk.

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