Mi chimawm te Police in chhui


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Champhai Traffic Police-te chuan Point lun laia Plastic Cone an dah lo la bo thinte chu ti tawh lo turin an hriattir.
CCTV-a a lan danin, Traffic Police-te’n lirthei veivak thunun awlsam zawk nan leh intlan pelh dan a mumal zawkna atana an dah – Plastic Cone, DK Point-a mi chu nizan hmasa dar 10:42 bawr vel khan bike pahnih tlan zinga bike pakhat hnunga chuangin a la bo a.
Champhai Traffic Police-te chuan Plastic Cone latute hi an chhui mek tih sawiin, tum dangah pawh Plastic Cone an dah hi a bo tawh thin tih an sawi bawk.

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