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Nimin khan Block Resource Centre, Samagra Shiksha Champhai Block bultumin Champhai Block chhunga Middle School-te tan Drama Competition buatsaih a ni. M/S Drama Competition, Kahrawt Community Hall-a neihah hian thupui atan Mizoram against Drugs, Alchohol and Tobacco tih hman niin, School 11 ten intihsiakna hi an nei a. He hun hi C.Ralkapzuava, BRC Coordinator, Champai Block chuan kaihruaiin Lallianzuali, DEO & DPC School Education Dept Champhai hnen atangin thusawi ngaihthlak a ni bawk.
Drama intihsiakah hian Eastern Flower Academy chu pakhatna an ni a, PES Zotlang chu Pahnihna niin Holy Mission School chu pathumna an ni.
Pakhatna hian Rs 10,000 an dawng a, Pahnihna-in Rs 7000 leh Pathumna-in Rs 5000 an dawng. Best Script Writer atan Lalnunpuia, Eastern Flower Acad
emy chu thlan a ni a, Best Actor atan Lalchhandama, Vengthlang M/S thlan a ni a, Best Actress ah Lalpekhlui Varte, Holy Mission School chu thlan a ni.
Mimal lawmman te hian Certificate leh Rs. 2000 a keng tel a ni. Lawmman Pakhatna atanga Pathumna te hian District Level intihsiaknaah Champhai Block an awh leh dawn a ni.

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