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Champhaia cham mek Law & Judicial Minister TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan Inrinni khan Zokhawthara raltlan awmte tlawhin tanpuina sum fai a hlan.
Zokhawthar HSS leh Middle School-a awm mek raltlan te chu Law & Judicial Minister hian, harsatna an tawhte a hnena sawi hreh lo tur leh tanpui an tulna zawn apiangah a theih anga tanpui a inhuam thu a hrilh a.
Mizoramah thlamuang taka awm turin a chah a, an mamawh leina tur ama pawisa Rs.20,000 a hlan a ni. Law & Judicial Minister TJ Lalnuntluanga hian Zokhawthar khawtlang hruaitute kawmin, Zokhawthar chu notified town-a puan a neih theihna tur te, Taxi leh Auto Rickshaw Service theihna tur Route-a puan a nih theihna tura hmalak a nih tur thu a sawi a. Notified Town-a puan a nih chuan khawpui liana mite’n hamthatna an dawn ang chi hrang hrang mi harsa zawk insak tanpuina te, a pung tlem zawka Loan lian leh te puka insak theihna te kalpui ve a ni tawh ang, a ti.

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