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Ruahman lawk ang chuan, Champhai-a hun hmang mek Champhai North bialtu MLA Dr
ZR Thiamsanga chuan vawiin hian Aizawl lam a pan ang a. Hetihlai hian Champhai South Bialtu MLA, Minister TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan,vawiin chhun dar 1:00 a State Games neih tura a bial chhung inbuatsaihna leh hmalak dan tur relpui turin Champhai a rawn pan dawn a. Naktukah MNF Champhai South Block meeting a telpui ang a Nilaini-ah Champhai
Master Plan Comtt thutkhawm, DC Conf. Hall aneih tur a kaihruai ang a, chawhnu lamah Aizawl panin a kir thla leh ang.

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