Miss India thlanna neih mekah Muansangi’n Sub-Title pakhat la ta

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VLCC Femina Miss India Mizoram 2020 Lalmuansangi Varte chuan ‘Miss India’ thlanna kal mêk-ah sub-title pakhat ‘Miss Glamourous Look’ a dawng a, hei bakah hian sub-contest dang ‘Miss Fashion icon’-ah top 5-ah a lang tawh bawk.
VLCC Femina Miss India hi coronavirus hripui leng avangin tun thlenga contest neih tawh zawng zawng chu online veka tih a ni a, vawiin hian Top 15 an puang dawn a, top 15 a lang zawng chuan Mumbai-ah contest hi an chhunzawm tawh dawn a ni.
VLCC Femina Miss India 2020-ah hian sub-contest panga result an puang tawh a, Miss Shining Star, Miss Fashion Icon, Miss Photogenic, Miss Fit & Fabulous leh Miss Glamourous Look te niin, heng zinga sub contest pakhat-ah hian Muansangi hi ‘Miss Glamourous Look’ winner a ni.
Sub contest hrang hrangah hian top five thlan chhuah an ni a, chuta tang chuan winner hi thlan leh thin a ni a, Muansangi hi Miss Fashion Icon-ah pawh top five-ah a lang a, mahse, he sub contest-ah hian Miss India Nagaland chu winner a ni ve thung.

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