Misual inhlei vanga khar lailawk chu hawn leh a ni

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Lamsial Puk chu mipui tlawh theih tura hawn a ni leh tawh.
Nikum December ni 29 khan Lamsial Puk-a ruhro dahna bawm darthlalang chunglam chu tu tih hriat lohte’n an tih keh avangin December ni 30 atang khan siam that a nih chhung chu mipui tlawh pawh theih lohin khar zui nghal a ni a. Ruhro dahna bawm hi siam that ni tawhin, nimin atang khan mipui tlawh pawh theih tura hawn a ni leh tawh a. Ruhro dahna tih chhiat chungchangah hian Farkawn VC, Joint YMA leh Farkawn Heritage Preservation Society Sub-Hqrs. hruaitute chuan FIR thehlutin, Police-te’n an chhui zui mek niin thu dawn a ni.

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