Mizoram a Buh thar hnem ber

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Hriat theih chinah kumin chhunga
Mizoram-a buh thar tam bera
ngaih, Upa KC Doliana, Vangchhe
khua chuan buh tin 1,627 a thar.
Upa KC Doliana-te chhung hian tiau phaiah Leilet neiin, buh chi hi tin 25 vel an ching a. Buh hi tin 1,800 ai-a tlem lo thar an inbeisei laiin Sanghalin an buh a chil chhiat thensak avangin an beisei zat an thar pha lo tih Upa KC Doliana hian a sawi a. Hriat theih chinah Upa KC Doliana hi kumin Mizoram-a buh thar tam ber a ni.

Buh thar tam

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