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Mizoram Badminton Association Masters Championship, 2022 chu nimin khan Final khelhin zawh fel a ni.

Lalnunmawia, President CDBA kaihhruaiin kharna hun tawi buatsaih a ni a, Paul Zakhuma, Org. Secretary chuan report tawi pein, Mizoram Badminton Association chuan Mizoram lo ti hmingtha tawhtu mi 7 te hnenah chawimawina thilpek an hlan a. Kum 60 chunglam Doubles-ah Lalrinliana Poonte leh Sangliana Hnamte-te tangdun an Champion a.

Kum 50 chunglam Doubles-ah K.Lalthlamuana leh Zabiakthara te tangdun an Champion a, Kum 45 chunglamah Lalthanliana leh Zothansanga te tangdun an champion bawk.

Kum 45 chunglam Mens Singles-ah Lalthanliana, Kum 50 chunglam Womens Doubles-ah K Lalrammawii

leh Zodinsangi te tandun an Champion a. Kum 40 chunglam Mens Doubles-ah Lalmuanawma leh Lalthanliana te tangdun an champion a. Kum 40 chunglam Mens Singles-ah Lalmuanawma a champion a, Kum 35

chunglam Mens Doubles-ah Joseph M Lalrinawma leh Zarzokima te tangdun an Champion a; Kum 35 chunglam Mens Singles-ah Zarzokima a champion. Kum 35 chunglam Womes Doubles-ah K. Lalrammawii leh Zodinsangi te tangdun an champion

bawk a. Kum 55 chunglam Mens Doubles-ah K. Lalthlamuana leh Zabiakthara te tangdun an Champion.

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