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Nimin khan MZP Gen. Hqrs buatsaih, Inter College Cultural Dance Competition chu Zarkawt Recreation Centre-ah neih a ni a, Govt. Champhai College chu pakhatna an ni.
MZP buatsaih College zirlai lam inelna neihah hian Aizawl khawpui chhung atangin College pathum leh Aizawl khawpui pawn atangin College 4 an inel a.
Hnam lam intihsiakah hian Cheraw (Buhza aih), Chawnglaizawn leh Chheih lam hmangin intihsiak a ni a. Govt. Champhai College chu pakhatna niin, Govt. T.Romana College chu 2-na an ni a, Govt. Aizawl College chu pathumna an ni.

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