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Champhai North Bialtu MLA in kangmei tuar chhungkaw 9-te tanpuina a hlan.
Champhai North Bialtu MLA Dr. ZR Thiamsanga chuan Inrinni khan, March ni 21 zana Champhai Kahrawt Venga In kang tuarte tlawhin tanpuina pawisa fai a hlan a. Tanpuina a hlan te hi Pu K. Lalbiakkunga te chhung ₹ Nuai 1; Pu Zothanglawra te chhung ₹ Sing 5; Pu HB Lalbiaksanga te chhung ₹ Sing 3; Pi§Lalhmangaihsangi te chhung leh Pi Lalveni te chhung ₹ Sing 1 ve ve; Pi Lianzuali, Pi Lianthangi, Pu Ramchhana leh Pu Lalduhawma te chhung ₹ Sang 5 theuhin tanpuina a hlan.

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