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MZP Hqrs Champhai chuan NIOS Zokhawpui Higher Secondary School Champhai a zirlai 74 te harsatna tawh chungchanga hma lak sak turin Champhai DC an ngen.
MZP Hqrs Champhai chuan NIOS Zokhawpui Higher Secondary School, Champhai chu kum 2018/2019 vel atangin NIOS Licence tihtawpsak an nih hnuah, kum 2022 thlengin Admission hawngin zirlai pawisa tam tak an laksak tih an sawi a. Zirlai tam takin Admission Fee leh Exam fee an chawi vek chungin, Exam dawn thlengin Admit Card an pe chhuak thei lo tih sawiin, zirlai te’n exam thei lovin pawisa an chawi thlawn tih an sawi.
MZP Hqrs Champhai chuan Zirlai naupang enrollment Number eng emaw zat dik lo a awm nia a lan avangin zirlai te’n harsatna an tawk tih sawiin, heng harsatna an tawh mekte sutkian dan zawnpui tur leh zirlai naupang te’n fee an chawi hrang hrangte an hmuh let leh theihna tura hma laksak turin Champhai DC an ngen a a ni.
MZP Hqrs Champhai hian DC hnena ngenna an thehluh Copy hi Champhai SP, DEO leh Champhai Police Station OC an pe bawk.

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