MZP ten an zirlaipui hlawhtlingte lawmpui

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MZP Hqrs Champhai chuan MBSE in Pawl 10 result a tih chhuah taka Champhai atanga zirlai pass chhuakte an lawmpui thu an sawi.
MZP Hqrs Champhai chuan Mizoram Board Of School Education hnuaia Pawl 10 result chhuakah MZP Headquarters Champhai huamchhunga zirlai hlawhtlinna changa pass
zawng zawngte thinlung takin a lawmpui tih sawiin, an kal zelna turah duhsakna sang ber
an hlan a. Zirlai hlawhtlinna chang zo ta lo va, vanduai palh te pawh rilru tihnual mai lo va, tha thar nena tan la sauh sauh tura ngenin duhsakna an hlan bawk.
MZP Hqrs Champhai chuan hripui leng vanga zirna a pangngaia kalpui theih a nih loh lai a, zirlai tam zawkin hlawhtlinna an chang chu
ropui an tih thu an sawi a.
Zirlaite chu pawl 10 pass-ah hian duhtawk mai lo a, zir belh zel tur leh khawtlang, ram leh hnam tana chenfakawm ni theuh turin
MZP Hqrs Champhai chuan duhsakna sang ber a hlan bawk.

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