World Day Against Human Trafficking denchhena National Commission for Protection of Child Rights huaihawt naupang hmanga sumdawnna, child trafficking chungchang inzirtirna nikhat awh, ‘District Level Sensitization Programme in 75 Bordering Districts of India on Combating Child Trafficking’ tih thupui hmang a neih chu nimin chawhma dar 11 khan Champhai District Bawrhsap Pu James Lalrinchhana kaihhruainain hman a ni.
District Bawrhsap Pu James Lalrinchhana chuan kalkhawmte lawmna thu sawiin, child trafficking chu India rama thil thleng harsatna lian tak a nih thu a sawi a. Human trafficking a thlen dan leh harsatna a thlen dante tarlangin, nghawng tha lo tak a neih theih thu a sawi bawk.
He hun DC Conference Hall-a neihah hian Pu Lalrinpuia Varte, SP Champhai chuan Human/Child Trafficking chungchang zirtirna neiin, mihring hmanga sumdawnna human trafficking chu khawvel pum huapa pawikhawihna thang chak ber a nih thu a tarlang a. Human trafficking thlen chhante tarlangin, Champhai chu ramri dep kan nih avangin mipui hnenah a tam thei ang ber zirtirna pek a pawimawh a ni, a ti a. Champhai Police Station-ah human trafficking case buaipui a lo nih tawh thin thute a tarlang tel bawk.
Zawhna leh chhanna hun hman niin, sawihona neih a nih hnuah Pi K.Lalrinfimi, Women Welfare Officer, Mahila Shakti Kendra Champhai chuan lawmthu sawiin he hun hi a khar a ni.

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