Champhai Officers’ Club (COC) chuan kum danga an lo tih tawh thin angin an pawl President Pu P. Lalhmingliana, Principal, Govt. Champhai College (GCC) hovin nimin khan Champhai khawpui chhunga Home hrang hrang 8 bakah District Hospital Champhai leh District Jail Champhaite an tlawh a, Krismas pual luanchhuahna hun an hmang.
COC Member-te hi Team 4 ah insemdarhin an che chhuak a, Champhai khawpui chhunga Home pariat; Rose Childrens’ Home, Champhai Observation Home, Genesareth Gospel Home, Metakhen Reformation Centre, Grace Receivers’ Home, Mazuia Memorial Home (TNT), Emmanuel After Care leh Gosen Home te bakah District Jail Champhai leh District Hospital Champhaite tlawhin Krismas pual luanchhuahna hun an hmang a. Nimin COC luanchhuahna kaltlang hian hmun 10 ah tanpuina pawisafai Rs. 61,000/- sem chhuah a ni.
Champhai Officers’ Club (COC) hi kum 1992 a din niin, tun dinhmunah member 100 chuang hret an awm mek a. Pawl member-te sum thawhkhawm kaltlangin mamawhtu leh tanpui ngaite puiin an lo fehchhuak fo tawh thin a. Hripui leng vanga inkharkhip lai pawh khan Home hrang hrangte hnenah tanpuina pawisafai engemawzah an lo hlan tawh bawk a ni.

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