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Champhai District chhungah hri kai mi 45 hmuhchhuah belh leh a ni a.
Nimin khan Rapid Antigen Test hmangin hri kai mi 30 hmuhchhuah niin New Champhai leh Bethel-ah mi 5 ve ve; Kahrawt-ah mi 4; Bungzung-ah mi 3; Venglai, Zotlang, Hnahlan leh Vengthlang-ah mi 2 theuh; Tlangsam, Zion Veng, Vengsang, Ngur leh South Khawbung-ah te mi 1 theuh hmuhchhuah a ni.
Nizan hmasa khan TrueNat hmang in hri kai mi 15 hmuhchhuah belh a ni bawk a, hri kai hmuhchhuah te hi Kanan Vengah mi 8; Zotlang-ah mi 4 leh Kahrawt-ah mi 3 te an ni.
Heti hian Champhai District chhunga hri kai hmuhchhuah tawh chu mi 4273 an tling tawh a, September thla thleng khan hri kai mi 3290 hmuhchhuah niin tun October thla kallai mek ni 12 chhungin hri kai mi 984 hmuhchhuah tawh a ni. Chanchin buatsaih lai thlengin enkawl dam mi 3357 an awm tawh a, hri kai enkawl lai mi 913 anla awm mek a ni.

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