Ni 17.8.2020 (Thawhtanni)

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π— π—œπ—‘π—œπ—¦π—§π—˜π—₯ π—›π—’π—©π—œπ—‘ π—œπ—‘π——π—œπ—” π—œπ—‘π——π—˜π—£π—˜π—‘π——π—˜π—‘π—–π—˜ 𝗗𝗔𝗬 π—Ÿπ—”π—ͺ𝗠 :
Inrinni khan Champhai Bawrhsap Pisa tual, Keifangtlangah India ram zalenna ni Independence Day vawi 74-na lawmna hun chu I&PR leh RD Minister Lalruatkima hovin hman a ni.
Khuallian Lalruatkima chuan Independence Day 2020 lawm tura kal zawng zawngte chibai bukin, India ramin zalenna a neih theihna tura nun hlantu te, an that lai hun zawng zawng lung ina hmang ralte leh tharum thawhna tel lova zalenna sual chhuaktute zahna chibai a buk a. Khawvel pumpui tuam mektu Covid-19 hripui do letna kawngah sawrkar duan inkaihhruaina leh mi thiamte thurawn ngai pawimawha zawm chu himna a nih thu a sawi a. Covid-19 mai bakah, khuarel chhiatna thleng thin vanga in leh lo, rohlu leh nunna hial chante a tawrhpui tak meuh thu leh sawrkar laipui, state sawrkar leh pawl hrang hrangin harsatna an tawh mekte sukiang turin theihtawp an chhuah mek zel a ni, a ti.
Covid-19 do kawngah Mizoram sawrkarin rang taka hma a lak nghal vat thu sawiin, Zoram Medical College (ZMC) Hospital chu Dedicated Covid Hospital atan puan a ni a. ICMR pawmpui Covid-19 RT-PCR Testing Laboratory pawh ZMC ah April ni 7, 2020 ah din fel niin, district tinah Covid-19 test tih theihna tur PCR TrueNAT laboratory din turin sawrkar chuan chak takin hma a la mek zel a ni, a ti.
Champhai district chhunga sawrkar hmalakna hrang hrangte tarlangin, mipui hriselna kawnga pawimawh tak Dialysis Unit, High Dependency Unit (HDU) leh Oxygen Generating Plant-te District Hospital-ah bun fel niin, mipuite’n tangkai taka an hman mek thu leh Trauma Centre building pawh sak mek a nih thu a sawi a. Lirnghing avanga mipui manganna leh rilru lama harsatna tawhte sukian tura hmalakna te a tarlang bawk.
Mizoram mipui zatve aia tam mahte innghahna Agriculture lamah thlai chin dan, thlai chi mamawh zat, rannung leh thlai ei chhetu laka thlai humhim dan leh thil pawimawh dangte hriat zung zung theihna Mobile Application ‘Loneitu’ siam a ni a. Border Area Development Programme 2020 hnuaiah khaw 49 te BADP operating area-ah rin luh belh tura ruahmanna siam a nih thu leh PMKSY chu district pariat a khaw 57-ahte kalpui mek niin, kut hna thawktu 6,037 te tana hamthatna tur ruahtui khawlna tur tuizem 2,818 siam zawh a ni tawh tih a sawi a; hei bakah hian department hrang hrang kaltlanga sorkar hmalakna te a tarlang a ni. Champhai district mipui te chu Mizoram tih hmasawn mai bakah thlak danglam a, rahbi thara chuan kaipui thei tura theihtawp chhuahpuiah sawmin, sawrkar department-te’n mipui hmasawn leh changkan theihna turin theihtawp an
chhuah a ni tih hriatpui turin a chah a. Covid-19 hri leng hmachhawn kawngah tu pawh inralrin reng a tul tih sawiin, hriselna, ei bar zawnna, zirna, ei in leh nitin mamawh bungrua, inkalpawhna kawngpui leh ven himna lamte ngaihtuah tel zel chunga tanrual a ngai tak zet a ni, a ti.
Covid-19 hripui leng do kawnga thahnemngai taka theihtawp chhuaha beitu hrang hrang sawrkar hna thawk, Village/Local Task Force, kohhran leh tlawmngai pawl te, police leh sipaite chungah lawm thu sawiin, hun khirh tak tawn mek laia ral hma tawnga awm damlo enkawltu te, sample la a feh chhuak thin te, laboratory hrang hranga rim taka chawlh pawh nei lova sample test hna thawktute leh Covid-19 Volunteer-te chungah a bik taka Zoram mipui an lawm thu leh thahnem ngai taka CM Relief Fund-a phal taka sum thawhtute chungah sawrkar ai awhin lawm thu a sawi nghal bawk a ni.
I&PR Minister hian Independence day lawmna hun a hmanpui zawh hian MJA Press Club, Champhai Bethel Veng a tlawh a. Press Club changtlung tak an nei thei chu chhuanawm tiin, Covid-19 vangin hmasawnna leh mamawh angte duh angin a thawh chak theih loh a, a tul ang zela hma lak a ni, a ti a. Sawrkarin chanchinbu mite a ngai pawimawh a, an hamthatna leh mamawhte a ngaihtuah zel thin, a ti bawk.
𝗗𝗔𝗑 𝗕𝗔π—ͺπ—›π—–π—›π—›π—œπ—” 𝗠𝗔𝗑 :
Champhai Police-te chuan inkharkhipna dan bawhchhia mi 8 leh Sawrkar thupek zawm lova khawlaia inzuar mi 38 an man.
Zirtawpni khan Champhai Police Flying Squad-te chuan inkharkhipna dan bawhchhia mi 8 an man a, an vai hian vantlang hmuna hmai tuam lo vek niin, Rs. 100 theuh chawitir an ni. Inrinni khan Champhai Police-te chuan Champhai District Magistrate-in Champhai khawpui chhung khawlaia inzawrh khapna thupek a chhuah bawhzuiin thuchhuah zawm lova inzuar lui mi 38 te chu manin Champhai Police Station-ah hruai an ni. Tarlan tawh angin Champhai District Magistrate
Maria CT Zuali chuan Augsust ni 11 khan Champhai mipui te Covid 19 hripui laka an himna turin Champhai khawpui chhung khawlaia inzawrh khapna thupek a lo chhuah tawh a. He thupekin a tarlan dan chuan VLTF ten Bazar bik an siamte erawh a huam lo thung a ni. Inrinni khan Champhai Police te chuan dan bawhchhia 10 an man bawk a.
π—–π—›π—”π— π—£π—›π—”π—œ π—•π—œπ—žπ—˜π—₯𝗦 π—§π—˜ π—™π—˜π—›π—–π—›π—›π—¨π—”π—ž :
Champhai Buffalo te chuan kum tina an lo neih thin, Independence Day Charity Ride chu Inrinni, Independence Day vawi 74-na pual khan an nei leh a. Vanzau ah Rs.Β 
15,000 leh Bungzungah Rs. 20,000 pein, an branch YMA hruaitu ve ve te’n an lo dawngsawng a ni. Champhai Buffalo te hian hun bik leh ni bikahte midangte tan an luang chhuak thin a, tanpuina pawisa an hlan thin a ni.
KTM Family, Champhai chuan kum danga an lo tih thin angin Independence Day vawi 74 pualin Inrinni khan charity ride an nei a. Lirnghing vanga Tuipuiral tlangdunga harsatna tawk mekte pualin Sazep leh Dungtlang VLDMC te hnenah tanpuina leh thla hualna atan sumfai Rs. 10,000 ve ve an hlan bawk.
π— π—œπ——-𝗗𝗔𝗬 π— π—˜π—”π—Ÿ π—¦π—˜π—  :
Champhai DEO Office atanga thu dawn danin, Covid-19 vanga zirna In khar a nih hnuah naupang te’n Mid Day Meal an dawn thin chu titawp lova kalpui chhunzawm zel a ni a. Zirna in a pangngaia a kal lai ang chuan sem chhuah theih ni lo mah se, naupangte’n an chanpual an dawn theihna turin zirna in hrang hrangah Buhfai chu chhum lova sem chhuah thin a ni a; zirlai naupangte aiawh hian an nu leh pate emaw an chhungkaw member remchang apiangte chuan Mid day Meal Buhfai hi zirna in hrang hrangah an dawng thin a ni.
π—žπ—›π—”π—ͺπ—•π—¨π—‘π—šπ—”π—› π—œ-𝗗𝗔𝗬 π—Ÿπ—”π—ͺ𝗠𝗑𝗔 :
Zawlbuk tuala India zalenna champha an lawm thin chu hri pui leng vangin Khawbung BDO Pisa tualah Inrinni khan lawm a ni. Khual lian Benjamin Zalawma Ralte, Khawbung BDO chuan hnam puanzar pawt pharhin India hnam hla sak a ni a. Khual lian chuan Khawbung RD Block, East Tuipui Constituency huam chhunga hmasawnna hna thawh hrang hrangte a tarlang a. 5 MW pechhuak tur Tlawva SHP pawh zawh fel thawkhat ni mah se, hri pui leng vangin Mizoram sawrkar kuta hlΓ’n turin Company hotute an rawn chho thei rih lo tih a sawi a. Khawbung Mini-Sports Complex pawh Department lam hotute’n an enfiah hnuah hawn mai theih a nih tur thu a sawi.
𝗦𝗨𝗕-𝗛𝗀π—₯𝗦 𝗬𝗠𝗔 π—§π—›π—¨π—žπ—›π—”π—ͺ𝗠 :
YMA Sub-Hqrs Champhai chuan an huam chhunga Group leh Branch hrang hrangte hmalak dan tur nimin khan hriattirna a chhuah.
Mizoram sawrkar hriattirna sawi ang leh Central YMA hriatpuina thuchhuah siam a nih angin Covid-19 hripui doletna atana VLTF kaihhruaina a siam angin SYMA huam chhunga Group leh Branch hrang hrangte hmalakna turin a hnuaia mi ang hian hriattirna siam a ni.
Mizoram sawrkar thuchhuah hi Central YMA te hriatpui leh pawmpui a nih avangin SYMA Champhai huam chhunga Branch YMA zawng zawngte hripui laka mipui kan himna tura VLTF-a a khaipa a tang a, thawk chhuak tur leh he VLTF kaihhruai hna hi thawk tura hriattir leh beisei kan ni. Village Council pakhat hnuaia Branch pakhat aia tam awmnaah chuan Group YMA hruaitute emaw, SYMA hruaitute leh a huam chhunga Branch YMA hruaitute inbe rawnin VLTF khaipa turte ruahmanna lo siam tura beisei kan ni.
SYMA Champha huam chhunga Thuthmun Branch leh Group YMA huam chhunga VLTF, Branch YMA kaihhruainaa hmalakna te hi SYMA/Group YMA hruaituten uluk taka vil ni se, harsatna awm palh a awm a nih chuan SYMA/Group YMA hruaitu ten ruahmanna a tlachawpin siam thin ni se.
VLTF kaihhruainaah Branch hruaitu ten harsatna an nei a nih chuan SYMA/Group YMA hruaitute hnenah hrilh vat thin ni se. Branch YMA ten Group YMA/SYMA atanga thurawnΒ  an nei emaw a awm emaw a nih chuan chak taka hma la thin tura Branch YMA te beisei an ni, tiin SYMA thuchhuah chuan a tarlang.
Vawiin Oil dinhmun
MS : …Nil
HSD :…Nil
RC Filling Station :
MS : … Free Sale
HSD :…Free Sale
RD Filling Station :

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