Ni 17.9.2020 (Ningani)

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π—žπ—”π—‘ π—₯𝗔𝗠 𝗗𝗔𝗠 𝗑𝗔𝗑 π—₯π—”π— π—‘π—šπ—”π—ͺ π—›π—¨π— π—›π—”π—Ÿπ—› 𝗔 π—‘π—šπ—”π—œ :
Champhai District-a In tinin tui thianghlim an dawn ve theih dan tur relin nimin khan Champhai District Water & Sanitation Mission chu an Chairman Maria CT Zuali, District Bawrhsap kaihhruaiin DC Conference Hall-ah an thukhawm.
Kum 2024 a thingtlang khuaa in tina tui thianghlim pe vek tura hmalakna, Jal Jeevan Mission hnuaia Champhai District chhunga hmalak tawhna leh hmabak hlen kawnga ruahmanna siamte thlirho a ni a. Chairman Maria CT Zuali chuan Jal Jeevan Mission kaltlangin Sawrkar laipuiin thingtlang khuaa in tinah tui thianghlim in tur pek vek a tum thu sawiin, mi pakhat zel tan nitin tui thianghlim litre 55 pek tum a ni a. Tui thianghlim hnianghnar leh nitin mamawh phuhru tur, nakin zela nei thei tur chuan tuihna siamtu ramngaw kan venhim a ngai a, hemi kawngah hian line department dangte pawh an tangkaiin mipui zirtir kawngah tan an lak a ngai hle dawn a ni, a ti.
Nimina thukhawm chuan thingtlang khaw tina tui thianghlim mamawh dan leh senso ngai thei tur tarlanna, Village Level Action Plan duante thlir hoin, Draft District Action Plan chu chulmam a nih hnuah kum 2024 thleng Physical & Financial Action Plan atana sum ruahman Rs. 84,41,51,200/- chu pawm a ni a. Line Department hrang hrangte nena thawhdun theihna turte pawh ngaihtuah niin, Jal Jeevan Mission hmalakna chu nakin zel atana hlawhtling leh tangkai tak, tui thianghim hnianghnar leh tuihnate vawnhim kawnga pawimawh tak a nih theih na’n theihtawp chhuah zel ni se, an ti.
Jal Jeevan Mission (JMM) hi National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP) thlaktu niin, 2019 khan kalpui tan a ni a. He Mission kaltlang hian kum 2024 ah chuan thingtlang khaw In tinah tui thianghlim nitin mi pakhat zel tan litre 55 pek tum a ni.
Champhai District chhungah thingtlang khuaa tui connection siam sak ngai In 9,197 a awm a, heng zinga 514 te chu National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP) kaltlangin tui connection pek an lo ni tawh a. Jal Jeevan Mission kalpui a nih hnuah In 714 hnenah tui connection pek belh leh niin, tun dinhmuna tui connection pek ngai la awm zat chu In 7,969 a ni.
π—–π—›π—”π— π—£π—›π—”π—œ π—žπ—›π—”π—ͺπ—Ÿ π—›π— π—”π—‘π—šπ—œπ—‘ 𝗛π—₯π—œ π—˜π—‘π——π—œπ—ž 𝗧𝗔 :
Niminpiaha Champhaia Sample endik zingah Covid 19 hri kai hmuhchhuah an awm lo.
Niminpiah khan Champhai District chhungah Sample 12 endik a ni a, TrueNat Laboratory-ah Sample 9 (mipa 8 leh hmeichhia 1) endik niin an result a negative vek a, Rapid Antigen Test hmangin Sample 3 (mipa vek) endik ni bawkin an result a negative vek bawk. Heti hian Champhai District chhungah Rapid Antigen Test hmangin Sample 412 endik tawh niin, TrueNat laboratory-ah Sample 15 endik tawh a ni bawk a. ZMC leh Silchar-a thawn tawh zawng zawng nen Sample 1902 endik tawh a ni a. Tunah hian State pawn atanga rawn haw zingah mi 19 te chu Sample la laksak loh niin, Champhai an rawn thlen atanga ni 5 hnuah sample lak a ni ang.Β 
π—₯π—¨π—œπ—›π—›π—Ÿπ—’ π—‘π—šπ—”π—œπ—§π—˜ π—£π—¨π—”π—Ÿπ—œπ—‘ π—˜π—œπ—§π—¨π—₯ π—¦π—˜π—  𝗗𝗔π—ͺ𝗑 :
Champhai Prayer Group chuan ruihhlo ngai te tan thingpui leh sawhchiar a buatsaih dawn. Pathianni lo awm tur, chhun dar 12 leh chawhnu dar 2:30 inkar khian Champhai Prayer Group chuan ruihhlo ngaite tan Champhai Tuipui Bazar-ah eitur a buatsaih sak dawn a. He hunah hian ruihhlo ngaite chu an tawngtai sak ang a, Bible chang an chhiar tur an pe dawn bawk a ni. Champhai Prayer Group chuan he hunah hian ruihhlo ngai, a duh apiangte ei leh in turin an sawm a ni.
𝗕𝗨π—₯𝗠𝗔 𝗭𝗨 𝗠𝗔𝗑 :
Samthang JAC chuan nizan hmasa zanlai dar 12:00 khan Vaphai lam atanga Samthang lut tur Burma Zu, BEDC tam tham tak an man. BEDC an man hi tlawn 200 niin; Samthang, Khawbung, Biate, E.Lungdar leh Serchhip vela pek tur niin sawi a ni a. An Zu man hlut zawng hi tualchhung rate-a chhutin Cheng Nuai 2 chuang man a ni.
Hripui leng mek leh lirnghing deuh fo karah Samthang JAC te hi an thawkrim hle a. VC thar leh a thawhpuite chuan chak taka hma lain, thlakhat tlin hmain cheng Nuai
3 man hu Zu an man tawh a ni.

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