Ni 25.9.2020 (Zirtawpni) Champhai Tualchhung

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š•¹š–Ž 25.9.2020 (š–…š–Žš–—š–™š–†š–œš–•š–“š–Ž)Ā 
š— š—œš—£š—Øš—œš—§š—˜ š—›š—œš— š—”š—” š—§š—Øš—„ š—•š—”š—Ŗš—„š—›š—¦š—”š—£-š—œš—” š—§š—›š—Øš—£š—˜š—ž š—–š—›š—›š—Øš—”š—› :
District Magistrate Maria CT Zuali chuan kawngpui tihnawk zawnga bungrua dah lo turin thupek a chhuah.
Thupek a tarlan dan chuan Champhai District chhunga khaw hrang hrangah vantlang kawng nek chep zawnga mimal bungrua hrang hrang dah hnawk an awm a. Hei hian lirthei che vel leh mihring tan pawha hnawk leh harsatna a siam bakah, sorkar Dan dinglai, Mizoram PWD Manual leh Revenue Department hriattirna, kawngpui atanga metre 3 aia hnaia in sak leh bungraw dah hnawk khapna kalh tlat a ni a.
Chuvangin Champhai District chhunga lirthei che vel leh mihring him tlanna turin kawngpui tichep zawngin mi tumahin thingkhawn emaw thingfak, insakna bungrua, boulder, tuizem, motor leh motor hlui leh chhia te dah loh tur a ni a. Heng tarlan tak hmanga kawngpui tichepa dahtute chuan he thupek chhuah ni 21.9.2020 atanga chhiara thla khat chhunga senghawi vek tura hriattir an ni a. Kawngpui sira motor hung thin te pawhin senghawi tur a ni a, thla khat chhungin motor In (Garage) an nei vek tur a ni ang.
š—”š——š——š—Ÿ. š——š—– š—§š—›š—Ÿš—”š—› š—”š—” š—›š—Øš—” š—›š— š—”š—”š—š :
Nimin chawhnu dar 3:00 khan Champhai Officers’ Club (COC) chuan an member hmun danga insawnte pawl hminga an thlah thin angin Aizawla insawn tur Mark Lalthanliana, Addl DC chu a Pisa-ah an thlah.
Thlahna hun hi P.Lalhmingliana, Vice President, COC chuan a kaihruai a. Dr. B. Zonghinga, Executive Committee Member in ngaihhruina thuziak a hlan a. George Lalthanngura, Executive Committee Member in thlahna leh duhsakna thuchah a sawi a ni. Mark Lalthanliana chuan Champhaia hun a hman chhungin thawhhona tha tak leh tawiawmna a dawn avangin lawmthu a sawi a. COC kal zelna turah duhsakna a hlan a ni.
Mark Lalthanliana hian Administrative Training Institute (ATI), Aizawlah Joint Director hna a chelh dawn a. R.Lalnghakliana, Project Director, DRDA Champhai chuan a hna chelh lai bakah Addl DC Champhai hna hi a kawp rih dawn a ni.
š——š—”š—” š—•š—”š—Ŗš—›š—–š—›š—›š—œš—” :
Nilaini khan Champhai Police Flying Squad-te chuan Inkharkhipna dan bawhchhia, vantlang hmuna hmai tuam lo mi 12 an man a, Cheng 100 theuh chawi tir an ni.
š—žš—›š—Øš—”š—šš—›š—„š—”š—” š—­š—”š—§ :
Champhai-ah State pawn atanga lo haw mi 29 khung hran mek an ni. Nimin khan khung hran lai mi 10, mipa 6 leh hmeichhia 4-te chuan inkhung hran hun chhung an hman zawh tawh bakah Covid-19 an kai lo tih finfiah an nih avangin khunghranna hmun atanga chhuahtir an ni a. State pawn atangin mi 3, mipa 1 leh hmeichhia 3-te an rawn thlen belh bawk.
Nimin tlai thleng khan Champhai District chhunga Sawrkar hriatpui khunghranna hmunah mi 29 an awm mek a. DPRC Quarantine Centre Keifangtlangah mi 8, mipa 6 leh Hmeichhe 2 khung hran mek an ni a; Tourist Lodge Quarantine Centre-ah mi 18, mipa 16 leh hmeichhia 2 khung hran mek an ni bawk a, In lamah mipa pahnih an inkhung hrang mek a. Covid Care Centre-ah mipa 1 enkawl lai a awm mek bawk a ni.Ā 
š—›š—„š—œ š—žš—”š—œ š—›š— š—Øš—› š—•š—˜š—Ÿš—› š—Ÿš—” š—”š—Ŗš— š—Ÿš—¢ :
Nilaini khan Champhai District Hospital TrueNat Laboratory-ah Sample 5 endik niin, hri an kai lo vek a, Rapid Antigen Test hmanga Sample endik erawh a awm lo thung. TrueNat-a sample endikte hi State pawn atanga rawn haw, khunghranna hmuna awm lai leh, Covid Free Certificate neih duh leh District pawn atanga rawn haw an ni.
Heti hian TrueNat Laboratory-ah Sample 55 endik tawhin, Rapid Antigen Test hmangin Sample 446 endik a ni tawh bawk a. ZMC leh Silchar-a thawn tawh zawng zawng nen Sample 1,975 endik a ni tawh a. Nilaini-a ZMC-a sample endik zingah Champhai atanga sample 6 tel ve te chuan hri an kai lo tih finfiah a ni a. Heti hian Champhai-ah Covid-19 kai hmuhchhuah mi 17 awm tawhin, mi 16 enkawl dam an ni tawh a; Covid Care Centre-ah mipa pakhat enkawl lai a la awm mek a ni.

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