No Parking Zone-a Lirthei dahte an enfiah

Road Protection Squad, Champhai chuan Lirthei dah phal lohna hmun, No Parking Zone-a Lirthei dahte an enfiah.
Road Protection Squad hian Champhai khaw chhung lirthei dah phal lohna hmuna lirthei hun – Bolero 1 leh Car 4 an man a; heng lirthei neitute hi dan anga pawisa chawitir an ni. Road Protection Squad hi Champhai District chhunga lirthei chevel leh mihring an him theihna tura hma latu an ni a. He hmalakna kalpui tur hian nikum September khan District Bawrhsap-in thupek chhuahin, he squad hian an tih thin tawh angin kawngpui ti chhe thei leh kawngpui tihnawkte enfiah in, a tul angin hma an la nghal zel dawn a ni.

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