North MLA hmalakna in kawngpui zauh

Champhai North bialtu MLA, Dr ZR.  Thiamsanga hmalakna-in, Champhai District Hospital panna kawngpui laih zauh hna thawh mek zel a ni a. Damdawi in kawt atangin laih zauh hna hi thawh niin, tunah hian Vengsang thlanmual chung piah lam thlen a ni tawh a. Damdawi in kawng laih zauhna tur atan hian kawng chhak ram neitute leh Vengsang VC-te inberemin, ram neitute’n mipui tana tangkai tur a nih avangin an ram hi phal takin an pe niin thu dawn a ni.

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