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Inrinni khan Champhai Bawrhsap hovin District Official te chuan Samthang Zopui phula Tuikhuah tur an enfiah.
Zopui phul a dil awmsa chu tihlen tum niin, Inrinni khan a khuah len dan turte enfiah a ni a, Minor Irrigation Dept lamin an survey nghal a ni. Zopui phul hi NEC atanga Rs. Nuai 364 hmangin cheibawl mek a ni a. Zopui phul bakah hian Buang khuaa vawk vulhtute an tlawh bakah Dungtlangah Eco Tourism chungchangah khawtlang hruaitute a titipui bawk a ni. District Bawrhsap hi Lalchhuanliana, PD, DRDA; Obed Lalmalsawma, SDC; Laldingliana Hrahsel, EE I&WRD; Dr B.Zonghinga, DVO leh K.Lalrinfimi, Women Welfare Officer te’n an tawiawm a ni.

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