Pawl hminga thisen pe tam ber

Champhai South Adventist Thalai pawl, Youth Federation chuan Inrinni khan Krismas thilpek atan thisen an pe.
Champhai South Adventist Thalai Pawl, Youth Federation Committee chuan Krismas thilpek atan thisen
pek ni se tia a lo rel tawh angin Inrinni khan a mamawh apiang te hman turin a thisen an pe a. Pine Hill Adventist Academy School-ah Blood Bank a thawkte chuan kalchilhin thisen hi an laksak a ni. Thisen pek pual hian hun hman a ni a, PC Lalchuangkima, Champhai District a thisen pe hnem ber chuan thu sawiin, AYF ten Krismas thilpek atan thisen an pe chu lawmawm a tih thu sawiin, District Blood Bank innghahna an nihzia a tarlang a. Kohhran leh pawl hrang hrang zinga thisen pe ngun ber leh pe tam ber an ni thei
chu fakawm a tih thu sawiin, AVBD Champhai leh District Blood Bank hmingin lawmthu a sawi a. Kohhran
leh pawl bakah mahni thahnemngaihna a thisen hi pe zel turin kalkhawm te chu a sawm zui nghal a ni.
Hemi hnu hian thisen pek tan leh nghal a ni a, mipa 24 leh hmeichhia 10 te chuan thisen Unit 34 an pe a
ni. Champhai South Branch Adventist Youth Federation hian kumin chhung hian District Hospital Blood Bank a dah turin thisen tum 3 an lo pe tawh a, tun tum hi a tum 4 na a ni. Champhai South Branch-ah hian Kohhran hrang hrang 9 an awm a, Inrinni khan kohhran 3 in an pe a ni.

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