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Champhai Police te chuan kumtlinglo hmeichhe naupang pawngsualtu a puh an man.
Champhai District chhunga khaw pakhat a pa pakhat chuan October ni 19 tlai dar 3 vel khan an hnathawh bo hlanin a fanu kum 8 mi chu Lalremmawia Chawngtlai khuain a pawngsual ni a sawiin Champhai Police Station-ah thubuai a thehlut a. Champhoi Police te chuan pawngsualtu a puh Lalremmawia hi manin POCSO Act tlawhchhanin thubuai siamsak nghal a ni.
Pawngsualtu a puh hian hmeichhe naupang hi pawisa pein a thlem niin a pa hion a sawi a Thawhlehni zan khan a nu bulah tawhsual a tawh dan hi hrilhin hma anla zui ta tih a sawi.

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